Gisela Graham

Boxed Scented Candle - Snowdrop


Boxed Scented Candle - Snowdrop

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  • Brand: Gisela Graham
  • Type: Candles, Holders & Diffusers

Not only is this candle gorgeously packaged, the candle itself is set within a beautiful glass holder with decorative snowdrop detailing. 

Crafted from paraffin wax, this candle will fill your home with aromas of Jasmine Wood & Vanilla to create a warming, inviting atmosphere. 

Approx 40 hours burn time (burn in 2-hour intervals for optimum scent give off). Trim wick ¼ an inch to minimise smoke and residue.

Keep out of reach of children, keep away from flammables and burn within sight.

Dimensions: H8.5cm x W9.5cm x D8.5cm

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