The Collecting Seashells Story

The Collecting Seashells Story

Welcome to Collecting Seashells

I’m Tilly, Founder and CEO of Collecting Seashells.

I wanted to introduce you all to our new Collecting Seashells Blog Page and let you know a little more about us.

I have always had a passion for home décor, home accessories and home interiors and this led me on a journey to launch Collecting Seashells.

When choosing the company name I had lots of ideas but nothing was quite working until my daughter, who was 8 at the time, said “Mummy, you should call it Collecting Seashells.”

Sometimes, children just see things more clearly than we do don’t they!! It was so beautiful and simple and had the meaning behind it I was searching for.

You see, seashells are our thing!! Whenever we go away on holiday, she and I spend hours collecting seashells together and bring them home with us and put them in jars around the home, a token of the memories we’ve shared together. The beach is a special place for both of us and I always pop a seashell in her coat pocket to remind her of Mummy and that I’m never too far away.

So, seashells are part of our home and part of our story. I also love the idea that they were also once a beautiful home to a sea creature, so the icon of a seashell felt like the perfect fit …….and Collecting Seashells was born. 

Over the last year, the chance to travel, browse the shops or stumble upon that 'cute little boutique’ is a luxury none of us have been able to do. We've spent more time in our homes and they have increasingly become the object of our attention. I believe that your home is a reflection of you and our collection of products are the beautiful additions and finishing touches that will make your home unique to you…..telling your story.

With that in mind I have carefully chosen products to complement your home and your echo your style. I choose only the best quality products that I love myself and I hope that you'll love them too.

Having experienced different types of customer service when buying pieces for my own home, one of the cornerstones of Collecting Seashells is our dedication to providing the best experience when buying from us. You can be assured we do all we can to make the process as smooth as possible, so you don’t just come back once, but time and time again.

So that’s a little bit about us. I hope you enjoy browsing the website. It’s been a labour a love and would not have been possible without the endless support and patience from my family and team. I like to keep a personal touch throughout everything we do here and invite you to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions that will help to improve your shopping experience with us.

Happy Shopping, I hope you can find that perfect treasure you’ve been searching for. I can’t wait to see which of our products become part of your story.

Tilly x


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The Collecting Seashells Story

The Collecting Seashells Story

Welcome to Collecting Seashells I’m Tilly, Founder and CEO of Collecting Seashells. I wanted to introduce you all...
May 08, 2021