Collecting Seashells Ltd - Loyalty Reward Programme

  1. Collecting Seashells Ltd offers a loyalty reward programme to earn Seashell Points that can be redeemed against future purchases through our Online Shop that is managed by Shopify Inc and its partner,
  1. This document is supplementary to the main terms and conditions of Collecting Seashells Ltd (, relates solely to the Seashell Points promotion and does not supersede any of the existing clauses in the main document.
  1. In line with our standard terms, this offer is only open to customers aged 18 years and over and for addresses in the UK only.
  1. Seashell Points are earned as follows:
a) 1 Seashell (point) for every £1 spent through the Online Shop (including gift card purchases and spending). This does not include costs of shipping and any discounts applied at the checkout.
b) 20 Seashells for Following us on Twitter
c) 20 Seashells for Following us on Instagram
d) 20 Seashells for liking our Page on Facebook
e) 10 Seashells on your birthday (if you have chosen to share that information with us)
f) 30 Seashells if you take part in our ‘refer a friend’ scheme (Free shipping on the first order for any friend that you have referred under the scheme and who uses the supplied code at checkout.)
  1. Points will be applied automatically to each transaction that you process through the Online Shop (excluding shipping costs and any discount codes or coupons that are redeemed). You are under no obligation to spend the Points accrued but we do not offer any alternative ways to redeem their value.
  1. Points will be applied automatically for each social media action listed through the Online Shop.
  1. Should you wish to refer a friend, you will need to enter their email address when prompted during the Online Shopping process. Please ensure that you have sought and received their permission for their email address to be used. They will receive a code via email that can be applied to their first order through the Online Shop to qualify for free shipping. Free shipping codes are non-transferable and can only be redeemed using the email address that the code was originally sent to.
  1. The refer a friend scheme entitles you to 30 Points that will be automatically applied to your total when your friend places an order through the Online Shop using the discount code as noted in clause 7.
  1. Points can only be accrued through the Online Shop or Social Media automated systems. We may consider manual adjustments but only under certain circumstances and then only at our sole discretion.
  1. Under the refer a friend scheme, it is your responsibility to ensure that any recipient of the free shipping code is eligible under the criteria in clause 3 above. We accept no liability for any loss or disappointment that arises as a result of our not being able to accept an order and the free shipping code from any person that does not satisfy the required criteria.
  1. Points can be redeemed in the following quantities, only against new purchases through the Online Shop and by selecting the appropriate option prior to checkout:
a) 50 Seashells = £5 coupon
b) 100 Seashells = £10 coupon
c) 200 Seashells = £25 coupon
d) 500 Seashells = £70 coupon
e) 1000 Seashells =£150 coupon
f) 2000 Seashells = £200 coupon 
  1. Details of your Seashells Points total are available by logging into your Shopify account or, if your purchase was made through the website as a Guest, your Points history will be recorded against your email address and accessible via the login popup located in either the bottom left of the website or through the link at the top of the website.
  1. Should you select the option to apply your Seashell Points coupon during any transaction through the Online Shop, please be aware that by checking out, you have confirmed that you are in agreement that the relevant number of Points will be redeemed and removed from your Points total. We cannot make any adjustments to the Points total if checkout has been completed.
  1. If for any reason you need to return any item purchased by way of coupon, the points will be automatically returned to your account.
  2. Seashell Points can only be redeemed as multiples of the coupon amounts in clause 11 above. We are unable to accept partial allocations of Seashell Points under any circumstances. Coupons are a one time use only and the full amount must be used in one purchase otherwise any residual value will be lost.

  3. Seashell Points are non-transferable and have no cash value.