Loyalty Reward Programme

Seashell Rewards are Finally Here!

We are so delighted to be able to bring to you our Collecting Seashells loyalty reward programme.

As a small business we are so grateful to our customers for everything they have done to support our journey so far, and now we have created an opportunity to be able to give something back and reward our customer’s loyalty. 

Much like the reward schemes you’ll be used to, we’re giving you the chance to earn Seashells (points) on every purchase you make online with us.

We’re starting with a simple system, and you don’t need an account to start earning Seashells (they will be attributed to your email address, so please make sure you enter the same address every time you purchase if you don't have an account).

However, there’s plenty of benefits by creating an account - you can find all your order history information and rewards in one place as well as storing all your account and address details so you won't have to enter it each time you make a purchase. You can also make a Wishlist…a tool we absolutely adore!

We hope you’ll love our new rewards, we really are so happy to be able to give something back! If however, you do experience any issues or have any questions regarding the programme, please do get in touch and we’ll try our best to answer them.

Thank you once again for your continued support and for choosing us.

Happy Seashells!

Tilly and Katie 🐚



Questions and Answers

1) How do I earn Seashells?
You can earn seashells every time you make a purchase from the store - they will be automatically added to your account or email address (if you haven’t got an account) and will continue to be accrued every time you make a purchase. Please note, Seashells are only available on the cost of the items you purchase, not the Shipping or any discounts given.
2) How do I get involved?
Every time you purchase from us, or do any of the actions above, you will earn Seashells. You can create an account, which will allow you to see your rewards and also your order tracking etc, or if you don't have an account, enter your email and you will be sent a link which will allow you to view your balance.
3) Do I have to sign up to an account?
No you don’t - however having an account allows you to see all of your information in one place (order history, rewards balance etc). If you don’t, be sure to use the same email address every time you make a purchase as this is the only way the scheme will know you’re an existing customer.
4) How can I check my points balance?
By accessing the loyalty reward programme (either through the link at the top of the website or through the pop up in the bottom left of the page), signing into your account, or by clicking on the link on the reward email when you’ve earned Seashells.
5) Where can I see your Terms and Conditions?
Our loyalty reward programme terms and conditions can be found here Loyalty Reward Programme Terms.
6) I don’t want to be part of the programme at all, how do I opt out?
As everyone is able to earn Seashells, whether they have an account or not, all customers will accrue Seashells. If you do not wish to earn Seashells from future purchases, please contact us at: tilly@collectingseashells.com. There is no obligation to purchase anything as part of the loyalty reward programme, so if you earn Seashells and don’t wish to spend them, that’s no problem! You can't transfer Seashells to other people.
7) How do I redeem Seashells?
To redeem Seashells, enter your email in the pop up on the bottom left of the website or sign into your account. You can see your balance and any rewards there , which will be a discount code which you can use later or apply automatically to the site.
8) How do I refer a friend?
If you want to refer a friend, enter their email address and an invitation will be sent to them with a code for Free Shipping for them to use. Once they have made a purchase (with the email address you supplied), you’ll also receive your reward, which you can see through an email, logging into your account or entering your details on the loyalty link on the homepage.

If you have any questions or queries, just get in touch with us - tilly@collectingseashells.com or chat to us through the facility in the bottom right of the page.